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Products & Services

Pacific Textiles is dedicated to become the market leader of excellent quality textile products and services that exceed its customers’ expectations.

It has achieved superior innovative quality products and services by continually improving its manufacturing, technologies, and business processes and by working together with its business partners to provide the array of new products and services needed to compete successfully in a global market.

The production process is capital intensive rather than labour intensive as it is highly mechanized.  It processes cotton and synthetic yarn into weft knitted or warp knitted fabrics.  The production cycle can generally be divided into four processes:

Manufacturing Facilities

The Company is operating at close to full capacity and are constantly working to enhance its competitive position through selective expansion and upgrading.

Panyu, China
Avissawella, Sri Lanka
Sales & Marketing

Customers are crucial to the success. We team up with apparel brand names and garment manufacturers in providing a streamlined procurement process starting with fabric selection to the final product. The Company has built  strong relationships with internationally-renowned brands have earned us a reputation for delivering quality products and services, positively driving the sales.

The fabrics are used in a broad range of garments, including men's, women's and children's clothing, sportswear,  swimwear and inner-wear. The Company has established relationships with owners of leading brands such as Calvin Klein, Maidenform, Triumph, VF Intimates and Victoria's Secret.

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