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About Us
Corporate Citizenship

Pacific Textiles has always observed the environmental standards in conducting  its business.   It takes steps to ensure that waste and by-products from its manufacturing facilities are disposed of with minimal effects to the environment.  Its operations are in compliance with all relevant local environmental regulations with high standard of environmental protection and corporate citizenship.

Measures implemented:

  • Wastewater is treated, recycled and reused. All wastewater is treated through physical, chemical and biological disposal measures, such as chemical reaction pools, waste water disposal system, filtration systems and aeration tanks. We are also expanding our water recycling plant on-site to recycle up to approximately 60% of the treated water.
  • Sludge produced from wastewater treatment is recycled as biofuel and second source of energy.
  • Noise is minimized by installing shields and mufflers and other shock absorbing equipment to decrease audible vibrations caused by manufacturing equipment.
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