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Panyu, China

The company indirectly benefits from trade liberalization related to garment exporters from China. It has also enjoyed the accessibility to a large labour pool which helps in its production costs. It has planned for significant expansion to take advantage of the PRC’s strong foothold in the knitted fabric industry.

The production mill is a modern, state-of-the-art and integrated plant in Panyu,  with one-stop manufacturing facilities, offices, water treatment facilities, electric generating facilities and staff quarters.  The total gross floor area is approximately 294,400 square meters. It is also well-equipped with four steam turbines that can product approximately 41 megawatts of power generation capacity, providing sufficient electricity for the production needs. Providing integrated services from knitting to dyeing, printing and finishing, the mill has an annual production capacity of approximately 170 million pounds.

A central warehouse is currently in the process of construction to further enhance the logistics management.   It is planning to further expand and upgrade its production facilities in response to the dynamic  market demand, by providing further value-added products to its customers.


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